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Transcript of video: (dated June, 2005)

Sr. Ann Freiburg

I'm Sr. Ann Freiburg. I entered the College of St. Francis in 1951. I followed 2 older sisters who enjoyed the College so much, so it was no big decision for me to make the decision to enroll as well. And eventually, a younger sister came to CSF, which made 4 of us in our family, who are as we called ourselves "The CSFies."

The College in those days was like many Catholic men's and women's colleges, pretty strict in discipline. But very, very community minded even family minded. And we really developed because of the customs of the time. One of which, for instance, was in the dining room. In the course of a year, we sat with everyone enrolled at the College. So our places were assigned for lunch and dinner by the Dean of students and her staff. And so within the course of a year, we had sat with every student; freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior enrolled at the time. So you can imagine what a difference that made in the cohesion, or the family feeling that we had as CSF students in those days.

So it was, not to mention the academics, which were wonderful; many good teachers. And I graduated in 1955. Then I taught for several years and eventually came back to Joliet to join the community I had met at the College of St. Francis. I have been in the community now for over 40 years. And I have seen lots of changes at the College, now the University. And I am delighted to see how, in spite of all the changes that have taken place that the Franciscan spirit really endures here and the leadership is committed to that. And it's a place where we graduates are happy to continue calling our alma mater, wonderful place.


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