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Transcript of video (June, 2005):

Sr. David Ann Hoy

Hello, I’m Sr. David Ann. I came to the College of St. Francis as a postulant in 1947. At first it was quite a fear as to what I would do in this college with people who knew so much more than I did.

However, as a postulant, I wanted to be a Biology major. When I went into the Registrar, Sr. Mildred said "What would you like for your major?" And I said, " I’d like Biology." She said "We have too many of those around here." She said "You look at something else." I went down the line & I thought <sigh> what am I going to do? So, I picked Math. Well, you know that was to my advantage because I had a wonderful Math teacher. She was so good, Sr. Claudia.

Everybody remembers Sr. Claudia. One of the things though, other than Math, I found that she was a very talented woman. She could crochet, she could tat, she could do artwork, and there was a surprise. But to have her as a teacher in Math, I know that’s why I got through those classes because she was so understanding and so good. You could come to class with the wrong answer, but as long as you produced something she was happy with that. Then, she would call you to go to the board and find your own mistake. You’d go so far and "Oh, here it is." It could have been a plus sign instead of a negative sign.

Then there was Sr. Mary of the Angels. As a postulant, she had her hands full with me. We had our English Literature class right after lunch and she had a very odd voice. When she would do rhyming or try to get us to get the rhythm of the poem, she would go "ti ta, ti ta, ti ta, ti ta." Well, I got to a point that I went "ugh<sigh>" and I would fall asleep. So finally she called me and said "Ms. Rosemary, I think I could put you in any chair in this room and you would fall asleep." I think that’s true, I probably would have because I just found it so boring but yet she was very interesting.

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I really enjoyed my classes at College of St. Francis. It was the prompting from a Sociology class that I went on to get a Bachelor’s in Social Work while I was in St. Louis.

I thank you for allowing me to do this.