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Transcript of video (dated June, 2005):

Sr. Helen Vahling

Well, I’m Sr. Helen Vahling and my sister name was Sr. Barbara Ann when I went to the College.

I was a novice when I began College and the second year we went full time. So I had some of my memories of Sr. Borgia, I had her for History.

Then I had Sr. Miriam Clare for English, since that was not my major. I remember doing a term paper on Duns Scotus, so I learned a lot about the Franciscan that was influential in the feast of Mary Immaculate, the Immaculate Conception.

Then Sr. Rose Agnes of course for Theology and Christology and other things. And later after she retired from the College, we worked together at the Diocesan, the religious education Diocesan office. She was a great resource in Theology for the Library there.

Then my major of course was Science. So I had Sr. Vincent for Biology and Sr. Joan for Chemistry. I went out on mission with one year of College and my 3 vows.

And then I finished College in the summer, which was always fun because all of our classmates we’d get together and have a good time each summer. So those are some of my memories there.

Later I did attend the Franciscan Institute which Sr. Rose Agnes was very influential in starting. So those are some of my major interests I was in.

I went into Theology and religious education later because I didn’t want to be a Science teacher all my life. So I mastered in Theology.

I had Sr. Dolores for Education classes. I think our first education class that fit my schedule was on P.E. That was

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the only education class I had when I started teaching at the age of 20. So, we learned by doing.