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Transcript of video (June, 2005):

Sr. Jaye Nelson

Good afternoon, I am Sr. Jaye Nelson. I used to be Sr. Catherine. I'm a 1965 graduate in Chemistry with my minor in Education. I am so pleased to finally be able to meet two of my classmates and talk to them, because when we were novices and in the juniory in 1965, we were not allowed to talk (not sure what she says here)

in the college or our classmates unless it was it was a class assignment we were working on. So this is really exciting. I don't remember you (talking to M.R. and G.H.K), but I remember the classes. I remember the other things that we talked about and did, crazy events.

Thinking back and jogging the memory of 40 years is a long time ago. Remembering some of our professors, such as Sr. Beatrice in English. She used to always be cold and would wear the shawl, I swear in the middle of summer. We were dying of the heat and she was bundled up in the shawl, not opening the windows.

She was very influential with me because I can't spell, still can't spell, never could spell; and English is not my forte. When it comes to writing a sentence, well I maybe can do it. She encouraged me and she even went so far as to not take off points because I couldn't spell the words. So, I'm blessed with computers today that will spell for me. But I do appreciate and love her for that encouragement that she gave me in a very informative part of my life.

I came to the College when I came into the community. So the first year we had went through some testing and found out what our level was for the College. I had come as a Chemistry, not as a Chemistry major, but as an Art or Music major, both being the love of my heart.

Sr. Emeron got a hold of me. She saw my scores and said "You would love to be a Chemistry major, wouldn't you?" And I thought about it and said "OK, why not." Kids…ok why not, you know. I have never regretted it.

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I'm now a Medical Technologist with my MS in MSACP in Medical Technology. I'm the Infection Control Specialist in a hospital in Racine , WS; All Saints. I love the profession and it's all because of Sr. Emeron and that one summer saying "come on, you'd like to be a Chemistry major." And of course with my friends here, Chemistry.

Sr. Joan, I had a hospital supervisor who was Sr. St. Joan . They looked alike, they are about the same height and sometimes I get mixed up in names. Sr. Joan was also very influential. And hearing the stories of Sr. Joan, as just related, (Editor note: see video of Dr. Mary Ritter and Gloria Hohisel-Kraatz) reminds me of many of the times we had some encounters. I remember the tests, in particular. They were awful. You could never pass them. Four questions on the test and everybody in the class flunked them. I don't think anybody got even one question right. But she'd pass us anyway. There's one question I remember. She said on one of her tests, "The weatherman says it's 0 degrees outside today, tomorrow it's going to be twice as cold. How cold will it be?" I'll let you answer that one. (laughing)

Our History teacher, who was it again? Mr. Aistry (spelling?) used to have us outline the book. We went into his class knowing that you are going to outline the book. And we would all outline the book. I took History in the summertime so I didn't have it as long as the people in the regular class during the semester.

I graduated in 1965 during the summer. Went on a Science track and I've remained on a Science track ever since. Very happy to have been, or am an Alumni of this College and a member of the Srs. Of St. Francis.

Thank you.