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Transcript of video (June, 2005):

Tony Brandolino

Hi, I’m here this afternoon to talk about Sr. Rosaire Schlueb. My name is Tony Brandolino and I’m very proud to say that I’m an alumnus, having graduated in 1984.

Sr. Rosaire was a dear friend of mine. She was my mentor, she was my voice instructor, and she helped me tremendously as a student here. And unfortunately, the Lord took her home too early.

But I’m really happy that I was asked to come and share a little bit of my thoughts on Sr. Rosaire and what she meant to me and how she helped me.

When I was a student here, naturally like many students, I wasn’t sure exactly what I wanted to do. And sometimes we as adults think that even at this point in our life, if we’re sure of where we’re going or what we’re doing. But when it comes to Music, I can tell you that I am right on track. And I can thank Sr. Rosaire for that.

Again, when I was a student here, she helped me tremendously. She helped me to grow as a person, teaching me the Franciscan values; which I live today both in my work environment and my home environment and everything that I do.

But she helped me to search my heart and my soul to find what was most important to me, which is my music.

And even today as Director of Music for The Church of St. Jude, I find myself using my music, the gift that the Lord gave to me, in a very positive way. And I really could thank Sr. Rosaire for that.

I studied voice with Sister. I was involved in all the Music programs that were very popular back then, including the Madrigals.

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We’d have little course groups where we’d go travel and perform at different organizations out in the community. She encouraged me to do a student internship at the Rialto Square Theater, which eventually led to a position of employment for me.

She was also instrumental in encouraging me to attend "Up With People", which was probably out of all the experiences in my lifetime, the best experience that I have ever had in terms of growth, the students that I met from all over the world, the things that I learned, the families that I stayed with. And this was all done when I was a student here at the University, what was then College of St. Francis, now University of St. Francis.

And I have her to thank for, I wish that I could tell her face-to-face, how much she’s meant to me. But I do pray to her, I do thank her especially when something good happens musically.

I know that it’s through her intervention that she’s always either looking over me or extending a hand when I have a question or concern, or I’m at a point where I’m frustrated and want to give up. No, she’s right there to say, "You can’t give up. That’s a gift that God gave to you and you’re using it wisely", which I am.

As I mentioned, I am the Music Director at Church of St. Jude and I love my job very much over there. As well as the work that I do here at University of St. Francis. (Editors note: Tony is no longer employed at the University of st. Francis.)

So again, it’s been wonderful for me to have has this moment for me to just come here and express how much Sr. Rosaire has meant to me. And I do miss her very much. Thank you.