RADM 200
Outdoor Leadership



“I am so proud that I made it through and I really did not want the trip to end; now I have friends for life.”

-Jessica Stachulak (a.k.a. “Wrangler”)
"It was a truly amazing trip. If I had to choose the best learning environment, the Boundary Waters in Minnesota would beat the setting of a standard classroom any day."
-Shawn Black (a.k.a. "Scout")
"Communication was quite possibly the most important skill we had to master in the Boundary Waters. It was evident right from the start that if we were to accomplish our goals we would have to be able to talk to one another. . . I realized that I am capable of leading."
-Alex Sarris (a.k.a. "Trebek")

“I doubted that I could carry the packs as heavy as they were. I doubted that I could carry a canoe, or portage for miles. But I proved to myself that I really could! I actually have the satisfaction of looking back on the trip and saying ‘I’m capable of hiking and canoeing.’”

-Elyse Lorenz (a.k.a. Master Thespian)
"In the future, I will apply what I have learned in the back country to set new goals and to live a better life. Better leadership skills that I learned on the trip will help me at work when I have to manage large construction jobs."
-Dan Vaughan (a.k.a. "Lieutenant Dan")