The Department of Mass Communication was founded in 1976. At that time adjunct instructors Art Hellyer and Thane Lyman constructed a carrier-current radio station with call letters WCSF that could "broadcast" to the dorms at the then-College of St. Francis. In 1979, Richard Lorenc was hired and became the advisor of the radio club that ran WCSF. In 1988 WCSF-FM became licensed by the FCC at a frequency of 88.7 megahertz as an educational radio station. Foremost among its goals was the education of radio broadcasters in all aspects of running an FM radio station.

WCSF has always been student staffed/managed and faculty advised. The faculty general managers of WCSF over the years have been as follows:

1988-1990: Mr. Walter P. Hamilton
1991-1999: Mr. Robert Zak
1999-2000: Mr. Don Burke
2001-Present: Dr. Scott W. Marshall

The formats WCSF has adopted over the years began with Alternative in the Late 1980s, ranged through Classic Rock, Hot Hits, Urban, Adult Contemporary, and Top 40 in the1990s, coming back to Alternative (Modern Rock) in 2001.