The club that really rocks - USF Radio Club Membership is open to ANY interested USF student!
Get involved and have a BLAST!! Learn about the world of radio.
Help with remotes and promotions--like USF Football tailgates and music store & CD-release promos!
Visit Chicago land broadcasters.
Email us:
OR call us: 815-740-3697 to leave a message
OR visit us on the 4th floor of Tower Hall to talk!

Meetings are held in the Radio Station every two or three weeks each semester as posted on campus.

USF Radio Club Officers:

Station Manager: Jen Marentic
Programming Manager: Joe Ryan
Production Manager: Dan Okrzesik
Promotions Manager: Lauren Madlener and Kevin Howard
Music Director: Jeff Hicks
Office Manager: Scot Stewart
PSA Manager: Joe Tisch
Remote Director: Stacy Brown

Advisor: Dr. Scott Marshall
Room: Tower Hall S402
Phone: 740-3418