88.7 the Edge, WCSF-FM at the University of St. Francis is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission as an educational radio station.

We entertain residents of Will County with our regular format, which is an attractive commercial-free mix of hits from the alternative charts and local bands. This is especially appealing to audiences in their late teens to late twenties.

We also provide a number of special musical and cultural programs and sports coverage of the USF Fighting Saints; these programs attract a much more diverse audience.

88.7 the Edge Sponsorship Opportunities include:

1. USF Game of the Week Scholarships of football, basketball, or baseball. Sponsorships include 8 announcements per game --a 2-3 hour broadcast-- for $100. For homecoming or any playoff games the station schedules two sponsors per game or asks for a single sponsor at $200. Aired August – November and January – May with the respective sports.

2. Specialty show sponsorships are negotiated case by case. These shows are aired with in the school year between September - April.

3. Spirit of Christmas Sponsorships Aired the day after Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day.

4. St. Patrick's Day/Cinco de Mayo/Independence Day sponsorships. Your spring holiday greeting will play once every two hours, once every hour, or twice an hour during 48 hours of the 60-hour broadcast.

Suggested Donations :

$100 for 24 announcements over 60 hours (once every two hours)
$200 for 48 announcements over 60 hours (once an hour)
$350 for 96 announcements over 60 hours (twice an hour)

5. Donations of gift certificates or prizes for on-air contests

What is a sponsorship announcement on non-commercial radio?

A sponsorship announcement consists of your establishment's name, phone number, address and a short slogan. The message or slogan can be used if it identifies, but does not promote, issue a call to action, or cites competitive advantage. You can voice your holiday greetings or team support to the community, plus your basic identification information. These announcements may be for the specialty program, sports program or contest in one or more of three ways:

  1. During promotional promos for the program or contest
  2. During the actual run of run of the program or contest
  3. When contest winner of a sponsored prize is announced (contest only).

If you have questions, please call the station and our staff will be able to answer them. Feel free to contact our PR and Promotions Manager, or the Station Manager at (815) 740-3697.