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Produced by Ashley Cady, Andrew Finein, Jonathan Marquardt, Andrew McDilda, Ashley Montgomery, Katie Nork and Hannah Tadey.





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Exploring Joliet – “The Show”

Joliet—the city, its people, plans and activities — is the focus of a cable television show created and produced by University of St. Francis students. The show airs on Comcast Cable Channel 6 and ATT channel 99 weekly at 7 a.m.-3 p.m.-8 p.m..

“Exploring Joliet will help residents be better informed about our city, its challenges and opportunities,” said Richard Lorenc, executive producer and Communication and Media Arts professor at USF. “So many things are happening in Joliet, in every neighborhood. This is an opportunity to experience the richness of our history along with the excitement of our future.”



Comment on these parts of the show below:

  • Exploring Joliet – General comments about the entire show (comment on the show)
  • Spotlight Interview – an in-studio interview with city and community leaders from government, education, business, religious and cultural groups (comment on this segment)
  • Commentary Segment – Comments about this week’s “Commentary Segment” by Kelly Katona/Jackie Wasilewski on current issues(comment on this segment)


About the Students

USF students plan and conduct interviews both in the field and in the studio, produce animations and graphics, direct, anchor, videotape and edit the shows.

“Students in this class receive real-world experience covering news in Joliet, and this experience broadens their academic classroom experience. This is hands-on learning at its best and one of the benefits of a small university experience,” said Rick Lorenc, Executive Producer of the show.