Programs – Study Abroad

Short-term faculty-led programs are led by a USF faculty member and usually last between three-four weeks. During this time, participants will take one to two courses abroad for credit. Each faculty-led program is run differently; some programs will stay in one city the entire course, while other programs will go from city to city or country to country. The cost of these programs can range from $2,000-$6,000 depending on the location of the program. However this cost usually excludes airfare, room, board and extra activities.


May 2015 Faculty-led Programs

  • Business in Costa Rica with Professor Richard Vaughan and Professor David Gordon
  • Culture and History in Berlin and Vienna with Professor Deb Workman and Professor Donna Metlicka


    Study Abroad Programs

    Long-Term Faculty-Led Programs
    Fall 2015 Florence Information Packet

    These programs are led by a USF faculty member and last for one semester. Currently USF offers one long-term faculty-led program to Florence, Italy. Participants will take a full course load of 12-15 credits while abroad, including a required Italian language course (however prior knowledge of the language is not required.) Full on-site support including orientation, advising, housing assistance, and cultural activities and excursions is provided. Participants will pay their USF tuition + $2,500 study abroad fee + airfare and are eligible to use all of their scholarships and financial aid. For more information about the Florence program, please click here. If you would like to learn more about the courses offered, feel free to contact Dr. John Bowers at or Maureen Stephan at

    Exchange Programs

    These programs are those in which a student is directly enrolled in a foreign university that USF has a signed agreement. Students will take classes with local students. On-site support ranged from very dynamic to basic depending on the institution, however all institutions have close relationships with USF and will provide support to any student who enrolls at their university. These experiences should be explored by students who are a bit more independent and excited to explore a new city with locals. Students who participate in exchange programs will pay their regular tuition at USF, and room and board to the host institution. All universities offer courses in English as well as the native language of the country. Please click the links below to learn more about the exchange programs available in each locations.


    Partner Programs

    These programs are not run by a USF faculty member, however an affiliate group that provides full on-site support including orientation, advising housing assistance, cultural activities and excursions. Partner programs can last anywhere from two weeks to an entire academic year, so the cost depends entirely on the length of the program. You will receive credit for any courses taken at partner programs. Check out the links of our partner programs below.