Justice League

Colten Boswell / President:

Yo what’s up everyone! My name is Colten Boswell and my nickname is "The HULK". I am the president and official creator of the Justice League of USF. I am a Criminal Justice major and getting a minor in Psychology. I hope to work in the FBI as a profiler. I am a comic book and video game fanatic. I am a master of knowledge of Marvel comics and I am an all around gamer. I also have interests in a lot of other stuff as well; I am a giant fan of Dragonball Z (favorite character is Trunks), and I am also a fan of Pokemon (greatest game and cartoon ever!). I love this club and couldn’t ask for a better group of people in it. After all, this club wouldn’t be anything without the members. I hope our club can expand and get many more great members as we go through the years!

Andrew Simek / Vice President:

What’s up? Andrew Simek is the name but I also go by the codename "Spider-Man". I’m majoring in History and I’ve been at USF almost two years. I come from the not so far location of Plainfield IL. Now to business: As my name suggests, my favorite hero is Marvel comics Spider-Man. I’m quite a database when it comes to comics and especially video games. Be warned, gaming is something I could discuss forever. When it comes to anime and cartoons, I’m a big fan of Gundam, Dragonball Z, and quite a few others. In fact, my interest in all things nerdy are quite broad.

I’ve pretty much been a part of Justice League from the start and I can only say that it keeps getting better. Everything we do is so creative and I’m glad to be a part of it all.

Samantha Zitnik / Secretary:

Hi! I’m Sam or "Hinata" as I’m know in the Justice League Club. I am an English/Language Arts major with a secondary education endorsement. I am a senior so this will be my last year at the school and in the club, but luckily I can still visit and participate in events since I will be an alumni. I just became the club’s secretary this year because I was voted into the position in the spring semester of 2011. I am very glad to have this position and I’m pretty good at taking notes. I am really interested in anime and manga and I play video games as well. Some of my favorite manga include Paradise Kiss, Cardcaptor Sakura, Realbout High School, and Chobits. My favorite anime would include Read or Die T.V., Hellsing, and Samurai Champloo. Most of the video games I play are action/adventure or fighting though I do like many others. I love being a part of this club as well as being the secretary for it. It has been a blast and I know it will continue to be!

Trevor Cherwin / Representative:

Ahoy there mateys! My name is Trevor Cherwin ("Crimson Chin") and this is my second year to be involved with The Justice League of USF. I am technically double majoring in Mathematics and Education, and I hope to teach in a high school one day. I have a broad knowledge of comics and superheroes and I always want to learn more. My forte, when it comes to videogames, lies with the Nintendo consoles. I am a HUGE Zelda fan and I will always love to nerd out about them. When it comes to anime, I have seen a lot of great ones, but if I had to choose my favorite it would be Dragon Ball Z, hands down. If you’ve seen the show, Piccolo is definitely my favorite character (even though he gets the short straw throughout the entire series). I have had so much fun so far, and I know it will only get better as we progress!

Ted Mikov / Officer:

Hey! My name is Teodor (or Ted / "Beast"). I am a second year student majoring in Psychology. I am also the co-president of Psychology Club. I am a big PC gamer. I was also born Bulgaria and can speak Bulgarian fluently.

Adam Mutsch / Advisor:

"Batman" reporting for duty! I’m a security officer in the Safety & Security Department and alumni of USF with a Master’s in Management (2010). I accepted the advisor position offer from Colten when he filed the paperwork to make the club official in the Fall semester of 2010, and was also an original member of the club back when it was not an officially recognized club on campus in the Spring of 2010- back when alumni Ruben Chavez convinced a bunch of college nerds to gather and discuss comics and superheroes. I’m very proud to continue to be a part of the club in a mentoring and leadership capacity with the students! I’m a fan of video games (some favorites: Halo series, Resident Evil series, Dead Space series, The Elder Scrolls series, TMNT Arcade) movies (The Dark Knight, Heat, Memento, Aliens, The Empire Strikes Back), comics (The Walking Dead, anything Batman, anything Star Wars), and I love all things sci-fi.

Who else can say they’ve dressed up in costume as Batman and stood on the roof of Tower Hall for the shooting of a club promotional video on campus? *This guy!* My favorite comic book character is obviously Batman and I’m such a big fan of director Christopher Nolan’s Batman films.


Additional club description:

The Justice League of USF club (or club members within) won the following awards at the 2011 Student Government Awards Banquet on April 14, ’11:

1) Emerging Club of the Year: Justice League of USF
2) Executive of the Year: Colten Boswell
3) Emerging Student Leader: Ted Mikov
4) Best Advisor: Adam Mutsch

The JL of USF has weekly meetings with different presentations based on members’ choice with topics and themes that have ranged from Star Wars, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Dragon Ball Z to The Science of Zombies, Convention Survival 101, Anime & Manga.

The club offers monthly movie nights, a bi-annual Dodgeball night and Video Game Tournament (each offered once in Spring & Fall semester), an annual trip to C2E2 (Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo in the Spring), and other various fundraisers and activities throughout the year.

The club also boasts an alumni chapter (Justice League [Joliet]) where USF alumnus are welcome to partipate in any / all club activities on or off campus.