What Teachers and Administrators are Saying about REAL’s Induction Program

Effective Teacher Course

“Through this course I have had the opportunity to learn more about my school district’s curriculum and assessments, I have gained a better understanding of strategies that I can utilize as I grow as an effective teacher, and I have had time to reflect upon challenges I have encountered during the year with colleagues and my principal.”
~Randi, Plainfield School District 202

“An aspect of this course that had a great impact on me was the importance of diversity. It’s important to acknowledge the diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds of students in order to build relationships and respect between the students and staff.”
~Megan, Plainfield School District 202

“The First Year Induction program helped me to become more effective at developing short and long-term curriculum for instruction.”
~Barbara, Plainfield School District 202

“Although I am a school counselor, the Induction classes have helped me tremendously. I have been able to collaborate with colleagues, listen to administrators, develop group ideas and plans, meet specialists within the district and maintain numerous handouts that will help me in the future.”
~Len, Plainfield School District 202

“I have realized that while state standards need to be met and schools need to have a curriculum, my students dictate the ways in which I meet those standards and teach the curriculum. I learned this from doing the reflections for the Induction Program.”
~Jamie, Plainfield School District 202

“Completing the required paper has been the most beneficial aspect of the Induction Program. Reflecting on my teaching has helped me see what aspects of teaching I have a solid foundation with and will help me continue to build a great framework to continue my educational career.”
~Chad, Plainfield School District 202

“I wouldn’t have had the productive, enjoyable first-year experience I have had without Harry Wong’s ideas being implemented in my classroom.”
~Suzanne, New Lenox School District 122

“The Induction Program has definitely had an impact on my career as an educator by training me and making me knowledgeable in areas that my college career and student teaching experience did not.”
~Gina, New Lenox School District 122

Brain Based Learning Course

“I need to make a conscious effort to monitor student’s emotions and take appropriate action to work at eliminating negative ones (fear, threat, sadness) or capitalize on positive ones (joy, curiosity). Teachers often get so curriculum focused that they forget to take this important element of learning into account!”
~Sarah, New Lenox School District 122

“The Brain Based teaching process has helped me better grasp my teaching. Students are engaged in the learning process and can make relationships and connections to future activities.”
~Christina, New Lenox School District 122