Emergency Response

In an emergency, the campus safety and security department will communicate through our bullhorn system that covers all common areas within the University, email and our mass text message notification system.

Under most circumstances, we will ask all persons to take shelter in the buildings they are in and follow directions of campus safety and security.

In situations where the buildings are not safe, such as fires or building failures, those in the building are asked to follow the directions issued by safety and security over the bullhorn system and evacuate as instructed.

Should a violent intruder enter one of our campus buildings, the Joliet Police Department will respond to intervene in the incident. Our security officers will immediately lockdown the exterior doors to all buildings. You should follow JPD directions and do not take it upon yourself to open doors for persons outside. Keep in mind there is no “set look” for an active shooter; it could be anyone. If you hear or see a person with a weapon, you should call 911 immediately and campus safety and security if possible at 815-740-3200. Give your location and description of the person if you can.

If you hear what sounds like gun shots and you are not sure, remove yourself from the area and call 911 if you can. If not, turn off the lights in your dorm, classroom or office, block the door with furniture and silence your phone. Do not go out into open areas. Remain quiet and vigilant. Stay where you are until you are told to do otherwise.

If the police come upon you, show then your open hands. They are trained to look for threats and are not sure who is a suspect. Do not move until you are told to do so. We should react with three survival words in our minds at all times: RUN, HIDE and FIGHT.