Parking Permit

You must have a valid parking permit to use any of the USF parking lots Monday thru Friday, 8 a.m. – 4 p.m.
There is a $30 charge per semester that will be added directly to your tuition bill (students) or by payroll deduction (staff). (Charge is subject to change)

Parking permits must be obtained by completing the appropriate form found on the MYUSF Portal.

After logging in, scroll to DEPARTMENTS in the left column.

Scroll down to SAFETY & SECURITY.

Click on Parking Permit Request and complete the form.

Then, come to the Safety & Security desk with your driver’s license and car registration for your sticker.

All stickers must be affixed to the front windshield in the lower corner on the driver’s side.

A second permit for a second car may be obtained free of charge with an insurance card and vehicle registration.

Guest permits can be obtained at the Safety and Security desk located in Tower Hall, TG-20.

Campus and parking maps can be accessed here.


Parking Regulations

The university has six parking lots. The Safety Security & Transportation Department is responsible for monitoring vehicle parking and ticketing violations on campus. The Joliet Police Department also regularly patrols the campus and tickets violations in handicapped spaces, fire lanes and near fire hydrants, in addition to the enforcement of local ordinances. The speed limit is 10 mph in all campus lots.

During the hours of 6 a.m. until midnight, there are no permit type restrictions. Any permitted car may park in any lot.

Visitor spaces are located in Lot A. These spaces are for visitor use only for no more than one hour. All visitors remaining on campus for more than an hour must request a temporary parking pass from the Security Department. No student, faculty or staff member is allowed to park in the designated visitor spaces.

Motorcycles are to be parked in the designated area at the northwest corner of Lot A. All motorcycles must be registered with the Safety Security & Transportation Department. There is no charge for this registration.


Overnight Parking

Overnight restrictions are from midnight until 6 a.m. During these hours Lots A, C, D and E are cleared. Vehicles with resident permits are to park in Lot B or Lot F. If the owner of a different permit type (commuter, faculty or staff) wishes to leave their car on campus, the owner must register for a temporary permit in the Security Department. The same rule applies to any guest without a permit.



All posted parking regulations are strictly enforced. We encourage you to familiarize yourself with the parking regulations in the areas that you frequent.


Parking Ticket Payment and Appeals Procedure


Violators have 14 days from the date of issue to pay the original fine amount. If not paid by the 14th day, the fine will automatically be billed to your tuition account. Tickets should be paid at the Cashier’s Office, Tower Hall, S207.


If you wish to appeal a parking ticket, you must come to the University Safety and Security Department, Tower Hall, TG-20 prior to the 14 days payment deadline and speak with Joe Kripp, Director of Safety Security & Transportation or Jason Reid, Assistant Director of Safety, Security & Transportation.