Acceleration Club for Entrepreneurs (ACE) helps students or members to create businesses of their own. If this means getting help with writing business plans, social media, budgets and marketing plans this is the place to do it.

Aftermath is USF’s mathematical society, fostering recreational, educational and informational mathematical pursuits. Among their activities they plan and implement events for “e-Day”, “Pi-Day”, and Math Awareness Month.

Black Student Association (BSA) celebrates diversity by sponsoring recreational, educational, social, political, and cultural events to enrich the quality of the college experience. BSA seeks to serve as an inclusive organization to promote cultural awareness and foster student development through academics, diversity and community. It strives to help students develop sound leadership skills and stimulate an appreciation of multicultural heritage.

Brother to Brother is an organization geared towards helping young men reach academic and professional success. Through accountability, proactive leadership, and intellectual development, our mission is to reach our potentials and obtain success.

Council for Environmental & Scientific Awareness (CEA) participates in university and environmentally related activities. CEA’s large event throughout the year is Green Week. During this week in the spring semester, the club hosts a variety of events with individuals from the surround¬ing community and on campus who specialize in going green.

The Encounter Student News Magazine provides the university community with news, entertainment, health, features, and sports in a monthly magazine-style newspaper. Their cover stories included: fitness, safety, and sustainability. All students are welcome to participate and write about what interests them on campus and in the community.

Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) presents to athletes and coaches and all whom they influence the challenge and adventure of receiving Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord, serving Him in their relationships and in the fellowship of the church. FCA provides students and athletes the opportunity to discuss their faith and how they intend to uphold their Christian values in college.

F.R.E.E. is dedicated to providing USF students and the community learning opportunities about personal financial matters through research and experiential learning activities. They engage the community in many ways by visiting area schools to teach kids about how to handle their finances responsibly as well as attend forums on global economics and market structure.

Healthy Saints promotes healthier living, physically, mentally, and emotionally, through workshops and events that encourage fitness and nutrition education, motivation, and self-empowerment.

Helping Our Underprivileged Students Excel (HOUSE) is an organization open to all USF students that provides needed resources, educational workshops and a welcoming, inclusive environment.

International Club seeks to create an environment that facilitates cross-cultural understanding and exchange among international students and the student body at-large. IC brings many cultural experiences to campus. They have also gone out of their way to make international students feel welcome and comfortable at USF.

Justice League of USF promotes and cultivates an atmosphere that allows fans of superheroes, comic books, science fiction, fantasy, anime, video games and other forms of entertainment (TV shows/movies, graphic novels/manga, conventions, cosplay and role-playing, etc.) to produce discussions and relationships. Justice League has weekly meetings and advertises that it is an environment where it is acceptable to be a ‘nerd’ or ‘geek’.

Late Night Programming is focused on programming for students on weekend nights. The group is made up of students who are around on the weekends that enjoy bringing people together to have fun. Examples of events include video game tournaments, Italy night, California night, graffiti the quad event.

Mock Trial is a vehicle through which students learn, through firsthand experience, about the roles that lawyers and witnesses play in the American legal system, and offers competition in a trial format to achieve team and in¬dividual recognition as attorneys and/or witnesses.

National Residence Hall Honorary (NRHH) strives to recognize the top 1% of student leaders living at USF and encourages the continued commitment to leadership within the areas of recognition, community service and scholastics. NRHH goes out of their way to recognize students, faculty, and administration.

Pro-Life Group explores and studies pro-life issues and promoting respect for life through educational events for the USF community. PLG sends students each year to represent USF on the March for Life in Washington, DC. These trips are planned by the Diocese of Joliet.

Psychology Club fosters understanding and stimulates interest in the discipline of psychology while providing internship and volunteer opportunities. Psychology club plans and implements movie nights and guest speakers.

Recreation Club enhances recreational and educational opportunities for each individual to become aware of personal growth through leisure.

Residence Hall Association (RHA) promotes civic engagement and cultural diversity, and aims to provide social, educational and recreational programming for residents. It provides a voice for residence hall policies. RHA is a student-run governing body aimed at allowing those who live in the residence halls an opportunity to speak for changes they would like to see.

Saints on Stage (SOS) is the USF theater club, presenting a play in the fall semester and a Broadway musical in the spring. SOS members participate on stage as actors, singers, dancers, and off stage working on lighting, tech, publicity, and stage management.

Sister 2 Sister develops young women with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs. The Sister Society stresses total development of character building, leadership, sisterhood, education, and networking.

Social Work Club strives to promote professionalism and education programs and seminars to its members. The club works to increase awareness of the Social Work field in the university community and in the general public. Students organize and participate in at least two community projects each academic year, volunteer in numerous community service projects, and host fundraisers to help support local organizations.

Spectrum is a club that provides a safe place for LGBTQ students and their straight allies to meet, support each other, talk about issues related to sexual orientation, and work together to end homophobia. Spectrum accepts everyone through love manifested by our Franciscan values of respect, service, integrity, and compassion. Through this acceptance God’s unconditional love for all will be revealed.

Student Activities Board plans and implements the total student entertainment programs on campus, which includes dances, comedians, hypnotists and special events. Membership is open to all students.

Students Today, Alumni Tomorrow functions as a liaison between students and alumni providing collaborative opportunities. It expands students’ educational experience while improving student life and strengthening lifelong loyalty to USF. STAT increases membership each year through meetings and events held on campus.

Student Athletic Advisor Committee serves as a vehicle to promote communication between the athletic administration and all students at USF by providing a student-athlete voice within the department, discussing issues and concerns, and providing feedback as necessary.

Student Business Association (SBA) takes students out of the classroom to gain greater insight in the business world. SBA provides opportunities for all students to get involved with various workshops, corporate visits, and networking events. Workshops include: resume building, mock interviews, personalized business cards, and Dress for Success Dinner. SBA also brings high level business leaders to campus to share their knowledge and experience.

Student Nurses Association (SNA) contributes to the personal and professional growth of nursing students through social and educational activities. It provides leadership opportunities and stimulates interest in professional nursing organizations. SNA holds several community projects each semester. All USF nursing students can participate in SNA.

Student Veterans Association (SVA) seeks members, who are honorably discharged from the Armed Forces, National Guard or Reserves and non-veteran faculty and staff who have an interest in veterans’ affairs.

Unidos Vamos a Alcanzar (United We Will Achieve) is open to all interested and curious about Latino culture and it aims to promote the achievement of the full potential and enrichment of ALL students, without exclusion, through a collaboration with all clubs and individuals at USF. It draws upon the strength and resiliency of our Latino students to promote leadership, civic involvement and academic excellence in a welcoming atmosphere.

USF Criminal Justice & Pre-Law Club meets the needs of those students interested in studying law and plan to continue on to professional legal studies; ultimately striving for a professional legal career. The club is accessible to all USF students from all majors. The club gives stu¬dents interested in law a support system and a structured backbone to succeed here at USF in order to move onto grad school or Law School

USF Dance Club is a group for dancers from various backgrounds to come together and express their love of dance. Its intended purpose is not only for members to learn new styles, but to transition from good to great dancers. All styles are welcome; from hip hop, Latin influences, contemporary, jazz and more. Prospective members do not need to have a background in dance to join!

USF History Club is dedicated to educating the students about the history of each major. Along with making it fun and exciting, the club strives to educate students about popular events in history.

USF Paintball Club is a place for students to get involved in an on the rise sport that is played world wide. This is recreational fun that anyone can get into and enjoy and relieve stress or get in some exercise while taking in nature. And remember, keep your head down.

USF Radio Club offers an opportunity for students interested in the broadcasting arts to learn and work at an operating noncommercial educational radio station (WCSF) that is formatted professionally (88-7 the Edge). Radio club offers students the experience of learning to run a music, news, or talk show, to engage in programming, promotional and development activities for WCSF-FM, to be a voice for USF students, and to promote the public interest.

USF Ski & Snowboard Club provides the University of St Francis community with opportunities to engage in new and exciting endeavors. Members will gain new experiences with fellow peers while snowboarding and skiing at different skill levels.

USF-TV Club is a student-run club that focuses on learning through experience and creating results. Any USF student can join and utilize their creativity in a fun environment. Members learn to perform in front of the camera, shoot video, edit their footage while working with in groups to produce video packages and shows, all while having a good time learning with other creative people.