Marian Hall

Marian hall provides a great experience for all students in a traditional residence hall community environment.

Marian Hall houses up to 242 students, most of whom are freshmen and sophomores. The majority of rooms in Marian are double occupancy, with there being a select number of singles and triples available. Renovated in the summer of 2005, Marian offers a number of amenities for student use including:

  • Configurable dorm room furniture (photos)
  • Wireless and Internet connections
  • Kitchen with a stove, microwave and sink
  • Peer ministers on every floor
  • The Abbey! Always movies or comedians there for entertainment
  • A Game Room with a wide selection of free games
  • Mailboxes in the main lobby


All floors are equipped with:

  • Social lounges with flat screen TVs, microwaves and plush seating
  • Computer lab/study lounge with computers and printers
  • Laundry room -2.50 to wash and dry
  • Community bathrooms on each wing
  • Wi-fi in the common areas




The room dimensions in Marian vary slightly, depending upon the location of the room and the room’s intended occupancy but the average double is 180 square foot. Every room comes furnished with an extra-long twin bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, and wardrobe for each resident. Each room also has windows that are 2’8’’ across by 4’2’’ high. 32” blinds will fit the window frames. Residents are expected to provide their own window treatments to be installed by the USF Maintenance Department. Residents are also able to request their beds be lofted to accommodate futons.

For questions about what to bring to campus visit our FAQ page.