Residence Education

Information for Returning Resident Room Sign-up


On campus residents have the opportunity to select their residence hall room for the upcoming year first.

All current students will be able to sign up for their room on the portal. The only cost at that time is a $50 deposit. If you are not sure about living on campus there is no obligation beyond the deposit until April 30th. After April 30th if you cancel there will be a cancellation charge of up to $1000.

The first two days of returning resident room sign-up are devoted to students who wish to live in their same hall and current room. Once same hall/same room renewal is complete, students are allowed to renew to eligible residence hall rooms across campus based on an assigned time.

Returning resident room sign-up is accessible through the portal and you will have the opportunity to self-select your room for next year. Returning resident room sign-up is based on your current number of credits as listed with the Registrar office as well as on a first come, first served basis. If your room is available, you will have the opportunity to renew to the room you live in now on February 23-24, 2016.

If you plan to select a different room you will be assigned a time. Assignments will be made based upon class status. You will be sent an email and letter to your USF email account with your specific time. Based on your assigned time, you will be able to search for open rooms up until March 18, 2016.

Each room has a pre-assigned capacity. Once that number has been reached for a particular space, that room  may not show as available for sign-up.

Choose your Roommate

Roommate holds are available during sign-up. You can select a roommate using the student’s ID number. Once you have selected your roommate you can browse and select a room assignment. The person you requested must go in that day to confirm the request. If the requested roommate does not confirm in time, the room will be placed back in the reservation system.

Explore your options

Dates and Deadlines

Group Dates
Same Building Same Room February 23-24
Same Building Same Room– Moved February 25-26
Graduate Students and Seniors Feb 29-March 18
Juniors March 1-18
Sophomores March 2-18
Freshman March 3-18
Commuting Students March 21


Room prices are FROZEN

To go over the cost with you: A Tower Single costs $4,836 per semester. This includes the price of food, utilities, cable and wifi. If you break that down by taking out the cost of the meal plan you will be paying only $600 per month.

If you think renting an off campus apartment is cheaper…THINK AGAIN.

If you look at an average students bills they include an electricity for $103 per month, cable and internet for $96 per month and water for $50 per month. The average rental cost in the USF area is $450. Besides the work of budgeting and tracking all that you are still paying more than you would if you lived on campus. Also, on campus you have access to resources 24/7.



I live in Marian but want a single in Tower or Motherhouse how can I get that?
Students are first able to sign up for their same room. Then, based on the number of credits they have starting with graduate students and seniors they are able to pick from a list of open rooms. To get a single in tower or motherhouse it is important to sign on to the housing system right away on the date and time you are assigned and see what option are out there. If you do not get the room you want the Residence Education department keeps a waiting list and should be able to work with you to get a single room.

I want to move to a new room but if I cannot I want my same room? How can I do that?

You can only sign up for a room in the system 1 time. So, you would need to sign up for your same room and then contact the Residence Education department and request the new room and they will work to see what they can find for you during your designated sign up time. Or you can risk it and wait for your designated time and try to sign up for the new space but then if it is not available sign up for your current room if it is still open.

What if I want to see a different type of room before room sign up to see if I like it?

You can contact an RA or the Residence Education department to set up a time to see all types of rooms. Or check out the website for layouts.

What if I sign up for a double, triple, suite or apartment but don’t have any roommates picked out?

The other spaces in a double triple, suite, or apartment are open for other current residents to sign up. If they are vacant after returning room sign up the Residence Education department may assign a new transfer or international student to the space.

Can I reserve a room with a roommate who had a different sign up time than I do?

If you have a preferred roommate, you will have the opportunity to sign that person up when your time and date to sign up is, if they have given you permission to do so. To reserve the space for your roommate you must have their 800 number and room reservation pin number (This number is listed on the portal. Your pin will also be listed in your room assignment letter). If you sign another person up as your roommate, they will receive a prompt in their MyUSF account to pay their $50 housing deposit online via credit/debit card OR in the Business Office within 24 business hours.

Do I have to have the $50 when I sign up?

It is important you contact the Residence Education if you have concerns about paying your deposit.

I want my own bathroom. I can I make sure I get that?

Rooms that are labeled apartments or suites have a bathroom private to that room or 1 other room. Look for that label when you are signing up for a room.