Tower Hall


Tower hall provides a great experience for upperclassmen students who are looking for a strong community with a sense of privacy in their bedroom at a low cost.

Tower Hall houses up to 103 students, most of who are of junior and senior status. The majority of rooms in Tower are single occupancy, including a select number of suites. The amenities found in Tower include:

Tower Single, Tower Double

Tower Single, Tower Double

  • Single, double and triple rooms (photos)
  • A computer lab
  • Wireless and wired Internet connections
  • A social lounge with a big screen TV, VCR and plush seating
  • A laundry room -$2.50 to wash and dry
  • A kitchen with a stove, microwave, sink, refrigerator and vending machines
  • Community bathrooms on every floor
  • Easy access to classes, administrative offices, the cafeteria and Snack Shop
  • Mailboxes near the Tower Security Desk
  • Rooms have a sink
  • Wi-fi access in common areas


The room and window dimensions in Tower vary with each room. Every room comes furnished with an extra-long twin bed, dresser, desk, desk chair, and wardrobe for each resident. Residents are encouraged to provide their own window treatments to be installed by the USF Maintenance Department.