USF Blogs


BLOG: USF College to Career
Kelly Lapetino, Director of Career Success Center







Kelly and her staff will address topics relevant to career success. You’ll find valuable information about learning what career best fits your interests, how to get the best education and land your dream job.


BLOG: USF Dollars and Sense
Bruce Foote, Executive Director of Financial Aid




Bruce will address topics relevant to student financial aid and veterans’ educational benefits. Bruce’s career has progressed nearly 34 years, and over that time, he has acquired a great deal of knowledge and expertise about both financial aid and veterans’ benefits.


BLOG: USF Training
Bonnie J. Covelli, Director for the School of Professional Studies




Bonnie is the Director for the School of Professional Studies at the University of St. Francis and program coordinator for the M.S. in Training and Development degree program. Her blog, USF Training, addresses topics relevant to training and development and adult education in industry and higher education.


BLOG: USF Intermodal Transport
Bruce Hartman, Visiting Professor, College of Business & Health Administration




Bruce is a Logistics professor at the University of St Francis. He helped develop USF’s Intermodal Transportation Institute (USFITI), which is an academic center that provides a base of knowledge on the intermodal transportation industry.