USF chosen as a stop on software company’s “university tour”

Ableton, a top music production software and hardware company based in Berlin, has chosen University of St. Francis (USF) as a stop on its 2014 “university tour” on Tuesday, April 8. USF was selected along with several huge state universities across the country including University of Michigan, University of Minnesota, University of Miami, Arizona State University, University of California, and New York University as a prime location for a day-long workshop featuring presentations, break-out sessions, performances, tips and tricks, and unique approaches for music-making.

USF’s DARA (Digital Audio Recording Arts) program is sponsoring the event. DARA Director Jeff Jaskowiak indicated that USF was chosen because his program is on the cutting edge of music production and students are currently using Ableton Live software in the lab, learning unique and specialized techniques for music production.

Said Jaskowiak, “I have lots of composers in my program and eventually I’d like to develop a group that performs and tours in our area, utilizing Ableton controllers. I’m envisioning an ensemble that does concerts at local schools utilizing controllers for specific instruments, like drums, or controllers for lighting. That way, the performance won’t require 15 people– it would be more like seven or eight. Nobody in the country is doing this in a university setting right now.”

According to Jaskowiak, Ableton software can function in many ways. It can mimic individual instruments, trigger sequences or loops, and can also be integrated with the control of levels and sounds. Attendees will explore these things plus focus on composition, sound design, production techniques and performance utilizing Ableton Live, Max for Live, and Push software.

Student activities from 2-5 p.m. will be followed by an evening presentation at 6:30 p.m. in the Turk Theater at the University of St. Francis, 500 Wilcox St., Joliet. The evening event will feature performances, tips and tricks and unique approaches for music-making from artists and Ableton experts including Thomas Faulds and Certified Trainer Orville Kline.

No experience is required to attend– just a desire to learn more about the “production” side of music. RSVP to or call (815) 740-3529 with questions.

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