Andrew Buchanan

Name: Andrew Buchanan

Year in School: Senior

Major: Theology and Social Science

Hometown: Channahon, IL

Role/Why involved in UM:

Hidden Saint. I wanted this role for several reasons. This past semester I experienced a great deepening of my faith. As I have come to understand increasingly the man of faith God has called me to be, I have felt an increasing desire to get involved with peer ministry and other occasions of youth and young adult ministry. I have a great desire to teach my faith and sow the seeds of the Gospel in the hearts of those around me. Peer ministry is the means by which God has provided me to do this. I wanted to be a Hidden Saint because when I first signed up to get involved with peer ministry I was still a little unsure as to what level of involvement God was calling me. In retrospect, my desire to be a Hidden Saint is a great fit for me, a man who has just discovered his great love of spreading his faith and serving others in Christian charity. I look forward to helping with retreats and other events on campus which will spread the joy of our Catholic faith.



I only hope that I am able to live as Christ lives, as Our Blessed Mother lives, and as St. Francis lives: namely, to live in humble love and service to Our God and my neighbors.