Brandon Collofello

Name: Brandon Collofello

Year in School: Junior

Major: Biology (Pre-Med Track)

Hometown: Minooka, IL


Resident Hall Peer Minister in Marian…I wanted this role because I believe I can positively influence the residents on the all-male floor and better enhance male spirituality and morality on our campus.

Why Involved

I love God and I love people…so why not strive to bring the two closer and what better the opportunity than University Ministry?

My Inspiration

What inspires me the most in the idea that someone out there, right now, is feeling sad, lonely, disrespected, depressed, scared, abused, hurt, or abandoned. I believe together our faith, or even the lack there of, and the stories and lessons that coexist with our faith can inspire cheerfulness, joy, serenity, respect, welcoming, warmth, and unity either on an individual or group level.