Corbin Allen Orr

Name: Corbin Allen Orr

Year in School: Junior

Major: Social Work Major

Minor: Theology

Hometown: Forest, IN


I am the Social Justice Co-coordinator. I wanted this role because it identifies strongly with the way I try to live out my faith, in service. I’ve been blessed my whole life, and I can’t help but give back.


Why Involved

Becoming a peer minister just made sense to me. It wasn’t something I had to think on for very long. I didn’t even ask what I was getting myself into, I just applied because I knew I’d love it no matter what. I’m really looking forward to my involvement in the Core 1 Service Sites. It only takes one volunteer opportunity to fall in love with giving back, and I want that for as many freshmen as possible!


My Inspiration

Simply, feel like I owe it to God. He saved me from a very dark place, how could I not devote my life to Him?