Laticia Sanchez

Name: Laticia Sanchez

Year in School: Senior

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Chicago, IL


Co-Chair in Social Justice: our goals are to identify social injustices, create awareness and to find some way where college students and the community can make an impact to try to resolve those injustices.


Why Involved in U.M.

I have always been influenced and motivated by my faith. I feel that we all have a calling to help others and to share the gifts that God has given us. As peer ministers, we have the opportunity to inspire others to be active in their faith and to not be afraid to be different from the crowd. Social injustices are all around us, from poverty to abortions and it is up to the youth to bring about awareness and changes. We need to remind society to be moral and to make decisions and laws with a conscience. As co-chair in social justice I can bring that awareness and motivate change on campus.


My Inspiration

I have a lot of people that have made me who I am. My spiritual director Fr. Tom Koys is the person who keeps me on the right path and motivated to do more for others. He is a big pro-lifer and has given me that passion to stand up for the rights and freedom of the innocent. I am guided by the Golden Rule, to treat others like I want to be treated and that never fails!