Miranda Mayer

Name: Miranda Mayer

Year in School: Sophomore

Major: Therapeutic Recreation

Hometown: Plainfield, IL


Connections Retreat Coordinator
I hoped for this role because I love planning events and retreats. It’s exciting for me to give people an opportunity to get away from their normal everyday routine and learn more about God and others around them.


Why Involved in U.M.

I choose to get involved with University Ministry because I saw it was a place I could connect with others around me. Julie and the other peer ministers are great to talk with! I’m also looking forward to the year because I am excited to see what opportunities God will give us to grow, not only as a school, but as a family.


My Inspiration

What inspires me to live and share my faith is the grace, love, and freedom that I have found in Christ. It gives me a daily purpose and makes each day worth living to the fullest.