Franciscan Values

Franciscan Higher Education

The University of St. Francis proudly stands in the Catholic tradition of liberal learning of thought, letters and art. It is in this culture that students are encouraged to incorporate these Franciscan values in their life and work.


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RESPECT, a reverence for all life and all humankind as children of God, we are brothers and sisters to all peoples—races and beliefs. We strive to show a reverence for all human life and life of all forms. Dignity and respect for all drive our efforts in working for the common good. In the spirit of charity, we support each other. We live daily with a reverence for all creation.




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COMPASSION for all people, always aware of the call to love our neighbors as ourselves, we strive to open our hearts to all others. We seek to form loving relationships thereby promoting empathy, forgiveness and peace in the global community. We work to build up God’s people everywhere, to bring reconciliation, and to act as instruments of change for future generations.




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SERVICE in the Spirit of St. Francis we strive to serve all people, especially the poor and powerless. Knowing our own dependence on God and on others, we engage in active service to the poor and to those with special needs. In order to accomplish our mission, we seek also to exercise a wise stewardship of the university’s resources.





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INTEGRITY in our work and interaction we commit ourselves in honesty and excellence in our work, and seek to experience high ethical standards in our lives. We accept personal responsibility for our actions. We are well aware of concern for the challenges of Christian living in a modern world. The university attempts to assist students, faculty and business people to achieve greater understanding of ethical dimensions of professional life.