Quality Improvement Infrastructure

In the University of St. Francis model, there are nine Quality Improvement Teams (QITs) comprised of 5-7 members with one member designated as the leader. The respective leaders of each team make up the Quality Improvement Council (QIC). In the very beginning, each team had a focus on three AQIP Categories, with one AQIP Category designated as the team’s primary category of responsibility.

After careful consideration it was decided that each team would concentrate their efforts on one primary AQIP Category. During updates to the USF Systems Portfolio, this team had the responsibility to assist the Core Team with updates.

The primary focus of each team is to gather and submit Quality Improvement Initiatives (QIIs) to the Quality Improvement Council via the Quality Improvement Coordinator. The Council meets once per quarter for the review and potential enactment of QIIs at USF. QIIs that meet certain standards are submitted to the Core Team for potential selection as AQIP Action Projects.

The purpose of the Council is to determine the scope and viability of QIIs as well as ascertaining whether there was any duplication of effort among other teams. The council also determines if the QIIs are in alignment with Strategic Planning, Budget and Planning Team, etc.


Quality Improvement Structure Diagram