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Awards & Scholarships

The Art & Design Department offers various awards and scholarships. Included here is an overview of the John Philip and Margaret Coleman Memorial Scholarship, Presidential Purchase Award, Visual Arts Portfolio Scholarship
, Summer Research Grants, and live work that the department has performed with area businesses. The following is a list of current student opportunities. For additional scholarship opportunities, please contact the university’s Admissions Office.

John Philip and Margaret Coleman Memorial Scholarship: Awarded to a sophomore, junior, or senior who majors or minors in literature or art. Awarded to one student per year, the scholarship is renewable each ensuing year until graduation. The recipient must show evidence of practicing Christian ideals.

Presidential Purchase Award: This award is reserved for the purchase of student artwork by the university. Each year works of excellent quality are bought by the university to expand its’ collection and track the history of the visual arts at USF. The selection process occurs each spring during the Student Honor and Awards exhibition held in the Rialto City Center Gallery.

Visual Arts Portfolio Scholarship
: This award is presented to a high school student who plans to attend USF and has shown excellence in previous studies in the Visual Arts. The annual award is accessed through a portfolio review and competition. This scholarship is open to any student interested in studying art education, graphic design, photography or studio arts at the university. Please contact the department for information on this competition.

CAS Summer Research Grant: The College of Arts and Sciences awards summer research grants to select students that design and show the ability to produce a quality body of work. Annually, selected student receives funding over the summer and are guided through their project by a faculty mentor.