Art + Photo Club

The USF Art + Photo Club

The Art + Photo Club

The Art + Photo Club is intended to be a forum for presenting and producing art and photography for all USF students. Its primary purpose is to enrich the educational experience of the University’s student population by exposing them to current and past practices in the visual arts and photography. The Art + Photo Club will host regular opportunities to produce, exhibit, and experience art and photography.

2016-17 Officers:

President – Amber Shibley
Vice President – José Ortega
Secretary – Rachel Rivette
Treasurer – Mark Beguin


1. Introduce students to past and current practices and theory in art and photography
2. Produce a theme based zine in the spirit of contemporary art and photography practices
3. Trips to Chicago to visit art galleries, artist’s studios and museums
4. Workshops in art and photography (taught by faculty and Visual Arts Education majors)
5. Introduce students to Art House Projects

Please note that this club is open to all students. Meetings, workshops, and other related activities are announced via the SAB’s announcement center in Tower Hall and the portal.

For additional information, please contact the Art & Design Department at 815-740-6446.