Art House Projects

USF Art House Projects

The Art House Projects

The Art House Projects series of mini exhibitions showcases the work of selected USF Art & Design students. Selected student artists have produced a body of work that, in the opinion of the department’s faculty, has matured to the point that public exhibition is warranted. Each year between three and eight students are featured in various locations around the city of Joliet.

In this exercise, students transform a non-traditional preexisting space into an interactive exhibition forum. In simplest terms, students are provided a “liberated” space to develop visual ideas and strategies for commenting upon their understanding of the present state of the culture for which they reside. The students address all levels of preparing a professional level exhibition. Students are required to write a proposal, identify motivation for production, secure materials, write press materials to generate an audience, and realize there projected outcome in full form with the assistance of faculty advisors.

Up to this time, Art House Projects student artists have addressed a range of topics that comment on the current state of visual art and culture and how a space can be transformed to mark a specific site at a specific place and time.

Students participating in the Art House Projects series at USF have secured top design positions in the Chicagoland area or gone on to study in the most prestigious Master of Fine Arts programs (e.g., CalArts, Yale School of Art and Design, Rochester Institute of Technology, and the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee) for their terminal degree across the country.