Art & Design – Thesis Requirement

The Art & Design thesis requirement consists of two elements: an exhibition and a written component. Art & Design majors must produce an analytical written element that supports their senior thesis exhibition.

Focus and parameters (i.e. length, format, etc.) of the written portion of the thesis are determined through consultation with an Art & Design Department faculty member chosen by the student.

The Art & Design Department faculty encourages students to explore unconventional forms of writing, including poetry, narration, humor, blogging, appropriation, etc. A student’s written element should be relevant to his/her area of emphasis. For example, a graphic design student may wish to tailor their writing to address a potential employment opportunity, whereas a studio art student may want to target their writing for a graduate school application. Ideally, the written element not only provides a creative complement to each student’s artistic production, but also generates an important sample of student writing for post-graduate use.

All majors must participate in the spring exhibition, including students who complete there studies at the end of summer or winter. For instance, if the student is graduating at the end of the fall semester, he or she must participate in the prior spring exhibition.

Each student must include the written element for critical review at the Senior Thesis Exhibition in the spring.