Art & Design Wood Shop

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Wood Shop Overview

The Art & Design wood shop, located on the 4th floor of the Rialto campus, is a modern, fully-equipped space for students to execute a full-range of sculptural and woodworking projects. Designed with safety as a priority, the wood shop boasts a highly efficient dust collection system, chemical-proof flooring, and non slip/anti-fatigue floor mats. Regardless of skill or experience level, all students receive extensive safety training (including ear protection and dust masks) from full-time faculty. Featuring traditional woodworking tools, such as: table saw, surface planer, jointer, drill press, band saw, belt sander, router, and compound miter saw, the wood shop allows student to mill lumber and execute a wide range of precise projects that directly relate to their evolving art practice. The shop is also equipped with a variety of hand tools, for use in-and-around the Rialto facility (drills, jig saws, palm sanders, drivers, chisels, carving tools, pull saws, clamps, portable air compressor, shop-vac, etc.).