Art & Design Visiting Artists

USF Visiting Artists

Art & Design – Visiting Artist’s Introduction

Each semester, the Art & Design Department faculty invites arts professionals to serve as guest critics to discuss a wide range of relevant art, photography, and design issues. Topics have included career choices in the arts, gallery representation, securing funding and grants to complete a project, running a design firm, and contemporary art methods and practices.

Arts Professionals

Richard Ashcroft, sound installation artist
Tony Balko, video artist
Don Bersano, photographer
Jerry Cargill, photographer
Pat Cogdal, sculptor
Vincent Como, painter and printmaker
Adam Farcus, artist
Ben Funke, printmaker
Gammon Group Design Agency, Graphic Design Firm
Corey Gearhart, performance artist
Emily Green, director of ACRE Artist Residency
Ron Grenko, art provocateur
Van Harrison, gallery director of Van Harrison Gallery
Paul Hopkin, artist and gallery director at Slow
Tom Jones, photographer
Max King Cap, artist and social commentator
Jonathan Knoerr, designer and art director
Willie Kohler, painter
Marc Leblanc, gallery director of 1R Gallery
Roxane Legenstein, ceramicist
Dan Luedke, artist
John Lustig, printmaker
Alex Lynne, art historian and theorist
Doug McGoldrick, photographer
Jen Meyer, art director at Agenda Multimedia
Keith McPherson, art director at McGraw-Hill Publishing
Erica Moore, sculptor
Scott Nava, photographer
Jocelyn Nevel, installation and photo-based artist
Nicole Peterson, illustrator and videographer
Jennifer Poppen, curator and painter
Andrei Rabodzeenko, painter and sculptor
Casey Sachen, photographer
Sara Schnadt, curator
Robert Stanley, painter and educator
Tone Stockenstrom, photographer
Dave Wilson, collage and assemblage artist
Nicholas Wylie, director of ACRE Artist Residency