Art & Design Programs

Art and Design Programs

Art & Design – Programs of Study

The Art & Design Department offers concentrations in Graphic Design, Photography, and Studio Arts. In addition, students can pursue Minors in Art & Design, Fine Arts History, and Photography.

Students majoring in Art & Design develop fundamental skills in design (2-D, 3-D, and 4-D), traditional foundations, and contemporary art practices during the first year in the program. This foundation is enhanced through intermediate level art courses and an introduction to art criticism, history and theory, and digital arts (e.g., typography). In upper level courses, students integrate skills and technology to prepare a thesis exhibition and/or performance that must be supported by a written element. Each student’s USF capstone is developed with continual input and guidance from faculty members and peers.

Students minoring in Art & Design are introduced to the aforementioned in a comparative format. Ideally, these minors are designed to parallel majors in other disciplines where the visual arts has a direct relationship.


Major Concentrations:


Minor Concentrations: