Fine Arts History Minor Program

USF Fine Arts History

Fine Arts Courses

This program in Fine Arts History couples traditional foundations with contemporary art and music theory. The student is introduced to seminal tenets in western art and music history (e.g., Beethoven, Picasso) and contemporary art and music theory (e.g., Stravinsky, Hickey). In upper level and writing intensive courses, the student develops an understanding and practice in deep academic research.

Select 18 hours from the list below.
Courses with (*) meet writing intensive requirement.

ARTD 199 Topics in Art and Design (1-3)
ARTD 202 Art & Culture Travel Studies (1-3)
ARTD 205 Exploring the Fine Arts (3)
ARTD 257 Ancient, Medieval, Non European Art History (3)
ARTD 258 Renaissance to Modern Art History (3)
ARTD 259 Art Now (3)
ARTD 359 20th Century Art: A Seminar (3)
ARTD 360 Film and Photo Visual Culture (3)
ARTD 361 Comics and Graphic Novels: Seminar (3)
ARTD 494 Topic in Art (1-4)
MUSC 121 Our Musical Heritage (3)
MUSC 222 Music History 1 (3)
MUSC 223 Music History 2 (3)
MUSC 493 Topic in Music (3)

Two courses can be taken from the following:

ENGL 295/494 Topic in Literature (3)
ENGL XXX (approved Literature course) (3)