Art & Design’s Trickster Zine

Art & Design Trickster

Trickster is the alternative art, culture, design, fashion, and music zine of Chicago’s south lands. This indie-styled zine is produced in a non-traditional low production format similar to short-run artist’s books and punk zines of the 1970-80s.

The premier issue focused upon defining a voice for the publication. In the premier issue, a comparative overview of how the term “Trickster” is widely defined and understood around the globe was delivered. Through research and experimentation, the first issue of Trickster offered a unique contribution to identifying the arts in the region (and beyond). Included in this issue was a collection of criticism, drawings, collages, music interviews, poems, photographs, statements, rants, definitions, peculiar and obscure objects.

Each year, 4 issues focus upon current trends in art, culture, and music. The primary goal is to offer a serious outlet for experimental art making, criticism and design via a printed format. In the future, Trickster hopes to evolve to include music, media and video samples.


Contributors to Trickster

Fatel Blackheart, Jeffrey Brown, Elizabeth (Liz) Healy, Alison Aloisio, Darren Durando, Mo, Lexi Southall, Natalie Ward, Creep Nasty, Kyle Adermann, SIQ, Lil Fox, Dixie Faint-Heart, Adam Farcus, Emily Johnson, Nicole White, Jenna Bronson, Deanna Hasselbring, Alyssa Barnes, Nick Block, Clam Hrynkiw, Erin Suttman, and Kali Placencia


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