Pre-Medical Program

Pre-Med Curriculum

The University of St. Francis offers excellent undergraduate preparation for medical and other health related professional schools. USF does not offer a specific “pre-med” major.  Few colleges in the United States do because there is not a specific major required for admission to medical school. USF does offer a biology degree with a pre-professional track for students interested in pursing careers in medicine. Therefore, USF students complete a core of courses that prepare them for entrance into professional school while still enjoying the freedom to design a curriculum appropriate to their interests.

Medical schools are looking for students who have completed a core of specific course work in biology, chemistry, math and physics and who have performed at a high academic level. Medical schools may also require volunteer work or other specific types of clinical experience outside the classroom. In addition, coursework required in the humanities and social sciences may vary by school.


BIOL 150 Fundamentals of Ecology and Evolution (3)

BIOL 151 Beginning Investigative Experiences in Biology (2)

BIOL 160 Cell Biology (4)

BIOL 255 Genetics (4)

BIOL 345 Perspectives in Evolution (3)

BIOL 375 Advanced Investigative Experiences in Biology I (3)

BIOL 376 Advanced Investigative Experiences in Biology I (3)

BIOL 410 Senior Seminar (3)

ELECTIVE BIOLOGY COURSES: (select 5, at least 3 being 300 or 400 level)

Recommended electives:

BIOL 211 Microbiology (5)

BIOL 221 Human Anatomy (4)

BIOL 252 Physiology (4)

BIOL 321 Human Dissection Anatomy (3)

BIOL 343 Immunology (3)

BIOL 353 Endocrinology (3)

Other electives:

BIOL 316 Embryology (4)

BIOL 322 Molecular Biology (4)

BIOL 331 Botany (4)

BIOL 361 Ecology (4)

BIOL 481-483 Topics in Biology (3-4)



CHEM 121/123 General Chemistry I (5)

CHEM 122/124 General Chemistry II (5)

CHEM 224/5 Organic Chemistry I and Lab (5)

CHEM 226/7 Organic Chemistry II and Lab (5)

CHEM 322/3 Biochemistry and Lab (5)

PSCI 111 General Physics I (4)

PSCI 112 General Physics II (4)

MATH 181 Calculus with Analytic Geometry I (5)


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