College of Arts & Sciences

Welcome to the College of Arts & Sciences (CAS)

picture of Dean for College of Arts and Sciences, Robert W. Kase We invite you to explore the diverse disciplines and programs of our college through our web pages. The College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) is home to the liberal arts curriculum, the leaders in undergraduate scientific and historical research at USF, the Rialto Art and Design complex, the Music at Moser Performing Arts Series, the Joliet Symphony Orchestra, numerous other music ensembles, the Digital Audio Recording Arts program, radio and TV media, the Humanities and Social Sciences, the English Language and Literature program, interdisciplinary majors and much more.

In keeping with the Catholic Franciscan identity to inspire in its students a love of knowledge and truth, CAS provides a rich core of general education, as well as specific disciplines of study for all students designed to promote the zeal to live and proclaim their discoveries.

Our excellent student centered faculty provide a nurturing academic environment with small class sizes, personal attention, and a curriculum designed to develop critical thinking, analytical skills, creative problem solving, and effective communication skills necessary for lifelong learning and engaged citizenship. CAS is a special place for students to learn from a wide variety of experiences and challenges, and the atmosphere is filled with support, encouragement, and expression.

Our curriculum is unique and innovative with an emphasis on creativity and research to help you achieve success in your academic pursuits. You will study with world class teachers that bring a wealth of professional and pedagogical expertise supported by internationally known guest speakers, researchers, and performers along with meaningful extracurricular opportunities.

Please come and visit our campus. We are excited about our programs and we want you to learn more about us as we get to know you. For a true perspective of student life in CAS, come visit our classes, programs, events, and talk with our faculty and students.

You will find our programs in Arts and Sciences are dedicated to providing strong and inviting liberal arts education with discipline-specific skills and knowledge leading to success in today’s diverse and changing world. We hope to see you here on campus soon.

Robert W. Kase, Dean
College of Arts and Sciences