Teaching and Learning: Best Practices – USF Electives

Individual courses may be selected to assemble a personalized, best practices concentration. If not taking a full concentration, courses marked with an asterisk (*) are recommended.

Elective Course Work by Concentration/Topic

The Affective Domain of Teaching Courses
REAL 620/MSED 707 Managing Stress in Education: Cultivating a Positive Attitude*
REAL 621/MSED 708 The Heart of Teaching*
REAL 622/MSED 709 The Human Element in Teaching*
REAL 623/MSED 710 Understanding and Applying Emotional Intelligence*
REAL 624/MSED 711 Classroom Applications of Differentiated Instruction*
REAL 625/MSED 712 Humor in the Classroom*
REAL 626/MSED 714 Dynamics of Student Motivation
REAL 627/MSED 715 The Teacher Component in Learning

Bilingual Education/English as a Second Language (ESL) Courses
EEND/MSED 631 Theoretical Foundations of Bilingual and ESL* (4)
EEND/MSED 632 Methods and Materials for Teaching ESL (4)
EEND/MSED 633 Assessment of Bilingual and ESL Students
EEND/MSED 634 Cross Cultural Studies for Teaching Limited English Proficient Students*
EEND/MSED 636 Linguistics (4)
EEND/MSED 637 Methods and Materials for Teaching Bilingual Students
EEND/MSED 638 Supporting English Language Learners in the Inclusive Classroom* (1)

Common Core Courses
REAL/MSED 700 Close Reading for the Common Core* (1)
REAL/MSED 701 Balancing Informational and Literary Texts for the Common Core* (1)
REAL/MSED 702 Text-Dependent Questioning for the Common Core* (1)
REAL/MSED 703 Navigating the PARCC ELA Assessment* (1)
REAL/MSED 705 Creating Common Core IEPs* (1)
REAL/MSED 720 Disciplinary Literacy for the Common Core*
REAL/MSED 721 Creating Strong and Powerful Writers for the Common Core*
REAL/MSED 722 Advancing to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) K-12*
REAL/MSED 723 Common Core Math (K-5)*
REAL/MSED 724 Common Core Math (6-12)*

Differentiated Instruction Courses
EEND/MSED 602 Survey of Gifted Education*
EEND/MSED 611 Serving English Language Learners with Special Needs*
EEND/MSED 613 Differentiated Instruction*
EEND/MSED 614 Behavior Strategies for the Heterogeneous Classroom*
EEND/MEDU 640 Development and Characteristics of Individuals with Special Needs*

Educational Technology Courses
EEND/MSED 675 Foundations of Educational Technology*
EEND/MSED 676 Collaborative Web Tools in Education*
EEND/MSED 677 Multimedia Tools in Education*
EEND/MSED 678 Effective Technology Integration into Lessons and Curriculum*
EEND/MSED 679 Assessing and Improving Student Achievement with Technology
EEND/MSED 680 21st-Century Educational Leadership
EEND 681/MSED 699 Managing Educational Technology Services
EEND/MSED 682 BYOT Device: Lesson Strategies and Management Issues* (1)
EEND/MSED 683 Using Technology to Flip Learning* (1)
EEND 686/MSED 612 Techsplorations: Technology Awareness for Today’s Students (1)
EEND/MSED 713 Engaging E-Learning

Health and Physical Education Courses
Health Education:
EEND/MSED 730 School Health Curriculum and Evaluation*
EEND/MSED 731 Mental and Emotional Health in Education*
EEND/MSED 732 Nutrition in Education*
EEND/MSED 733 Drug Education*
EEND/MSED 734 Teaching Personal Health*
EEND/MSED 735 Environmental Health in the Classroom*
EEND/MSED 736 Disease Prevention in Education*
EEND/MSED 737 Human Sexuality in Education*
Physical Education:
EEND 738 Assessment & Evaluation in Physical Education*

Middle School Courses
EEND/MEDU 630 Psychology and Development of the Middle School Child*
EEND/MEDU 687 Middle School Philosophy, Curriculum, and Instruction

Reading Courses
REND/MSED 641 Foundations of Literacy*
REND/MSED 642 Assessment Procedures and Data Analysis for Student Achievement
REND/MSED 643 Exploration of Literacy Strategies and Materials for Student Achievement
REND/MSED 644 Utilizing Literature in the Classroom*
REND/MSED 647 Literacy and Diverse Learners*
REND/MSED 648 Writing Instruction in the 21st Century*
REND/MSED 651 Reading Teacher Practicum
REND/MSED 689 Disciplinary Literacy*

Serving Special Populations
EEND/MSED 668 Advanced Placement Rigor in All Secondary Classrooms* (1)
EEND/MSED 669 Planning Rigorous Lessons at the Secondary Level* (1)
EEND/MSED 684 Dissecting Mathematics Data: Looking Past the RTI Colors* (1)
EEND/MSED 685 Dissecting Reading Literacy Data: Looking Past the RTI Colors* (1)
EEND/MSED 692 Culturally Responsive Instruction: Elements for Success* (1)
REAL 642/MSED 742 Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities: 1 in 5 (1)
REAL 643/MSED 743 Dyslexia and Reading Disabilities Part II: Multi-Sensory Teaching Strategies (1)

Special Education Grade-Range LBSI Courses
EEND/MEDU 640 Development and Characteristics of Individuals with Special Needs*
EEND/MEDU 642 Assessment and Diagnosis in Special Education
EEND/MEDU 644 Specialized Curriculum and Methods in Special Education*

Other Graduate Courses
All graduate courses offered through the Regional Education Academy for Leadership (REAL) at USF, including prefix EEND, REAL, RECT, and REND, may be used toward the 18 elective credits in the M.S. Teaching and Learning degree program with a Best Practices concentration (30 credit hours total). However, a TOTAL maximum of six (6) REAL/RECT graduate credits earned through courses with the following numbers — may be applied to the elective requirement for Best Practices concentration.

REAL 665, REAL 682, REAL 683, REAL 684, REAL 685, REAL 687, REAL 694, REAL 695, REAL 696
RECT 665, RECT 694, RECT 695, RECT 696

Please contact Sharna Wilkerson at swilkerson@stfrancis.edu or 815-740-3220, for additional information and specific program requirements.