Doctor of Education (Educational Leadership)

The University of St. Francis’ Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Educational Leadership brings together practitioner-scholars to support doctoral candidates in learning and scholarship. The program is a combination of research, experiential learning, and shared knowledge about the key skills needed to lead, inspire, and educate. Experienced faculty provide personalized guidance throughout the program, with face-to-face class meetings that are enhanced and supplemented by online instruction.

There are two concentrations within this program:

education doctorate

Educational Stewardship, Leadership & Learning

The Ed.D. program in Educational Stewardship, Leadership & Learning is designed for those pursuing higher level educational, corporate, health care and other leadership positions in public organizations, private sector companies, and service-oriented organizations.

ed.d. program

Superintendent Endorsement Concentration

Program is approved by the Illinois State Board of Education for endorsement on the Professional Educator’s License. It is designed for educators who have the General Administrative (Type 75) endorsement or the Principal Preparation endorsement on their Professional Educator License and want to pursue district-level leadership.

Graduate education program

The Doctor of Education program is approved by the Higher Learning Commission and the Illinois Board of Higher Education, and is structured around national standards.

EdD program Educational Leadership University St. Francis

Special Note
Candidates may be eligible for a focused program to earn the Superintendent Endorsement only. For additional information regarding this option, please contact Keith Pain, Program Coordinator, at 815-740-3715 or

The application is online and free.