Initially, I was very skeptical about joining a Doctoral program. I graduated in May, 2010, with an MBA from St. Francis but had been holding off on my doctoral program because I was afraid that I would not receive any guidance throughout a doctoral program. A friend who currently is in the Doctoral program – Stewardship, Leadership, and Learning – at St. Francis recommended that I consider the program. Now that I have been in the program for about a year and half, I wish I would have started it years ago. The faculty definitely provide support to the doctoral candidates, and their focus is on our success. I am confident that their leadership and guidance will help me achieve my goals.

Lilack Soulivong
Supervisor, Transportation Services
Exelon Aviation Department


I am so glad that I decided to pursue the Doctor of Education program at USF! So many other universities provide similar programs, but pursuing the Stewardship, Leadership, and Learning concentration at USF has been central to my personal and professional growth. Recently, I was promoted from a director position to a dean position in my organization, and I strongly believe that my doctoral studies prepared me for this new opportunity to serve students, faculty, and staff.

Sarena J. Lee-Schott
Dean, College and Career Readiness
Joliet Junior College


As a healthcare professional, I chose the University of St Francis to further my education. The University not only boasts a top-rated nursing program, it provides the natural progression for those pursuing management and leadership education in order to advance one’s career. The University lives and breathes its Franciscan values of Respect, Compassion, Service and Integrity, which are the core values for any nurse. The faculty aligns themselves with the University’s mission and are the role models for servant leadership. I am proud to hold my bachelor’s and master’s degrees from the University of St. Francis and am currently enrolled in the Doctor of Education – Stewardship, Leadership, and Learning program. As a nurse manager at a major medical center in the Chicagoland area, I am finding that this program will help prepare me for higher-level management as a servant leader within my organization.

MaryFran Oskvarek RN, MS, PCCN
Manager of Clinical Operations
Advocate Christ Hospital