Saints (Testimonials)

I had heard the University of St. Francis’ education program was good, but I never expected it to be this outstanding! The professors are the best that I have ever had, and are excellent models of what type of teachers our country needs. I feel like I have a huge advantage going into the field of education having gone to the University of St. Francis.

Mary Schuttler
Special Education

What you learn and see from the College of Education is exactly what you will see in the field!

Verenice Diaz
Elementary Education with ESL Endorsement

There is a great sense of community in the College of Education, something that can be both seen and felt through various opportunities such as Chrysalis, JPDSP, Kappa Delta Pi, and the field experiences. Those opportunities have helped me to find and develop myself within the teaching profession.

Kathleen Hayes
Special Education

St. Francis has an amazing staff of incredible teachers. I will never forget my experiences and am so grateful that I chose this program. I hope to one day be able to support St. Francis as a cooperating teacher myself.

Dawn Thomson
Elementary Education with Special Education Endorsement

During my last observation, my principal asked if it would be possible to be in contact with any of you. She has been immensely impressed with how well prepared I am, how organized and professional I have been, and most of all, she has constantly praised how I teach and manage my classroom. I told her I owe all of this to you. My principal and my AP were wondering if they could be in contact with any of you because they are very interested in possibly hiring future USF graduates. Thanks again for leaving such a lasting impression and for helping me become the educator that I am today .

Vanessa A. Macias
Elementary Education with Special Education Endorsement

I know USF has prepared me well because the school was so impressed by my performance during my IFE semester, that the teacher who left the position I will be taking asked the principal personally if I could teach her class. After hearing this I was so honored that it brought me to tears. I was basically told the job was mine after my interview there. I know the high standards USF hold their COE students to has helped me to make this good and lasting impression on the school, and therefore helped me to gain this position. I now see how true it really is when my professors told us that every day we are in the field is a job interview.

Kait Mayszak
Special Education

The COE at the University of St. Francis has provided me more than I ever could have asked for during my journey of becoming a special education teacher. The knowledge, skills, countless experiences, and many other things have prepared me to be confident and excited to begin my career as an educator.

Brandan Marrone
Special Education