Subsequent Endorsement via Focused Program

FAQs – Subsequent Endorsement via Focused Program

How do I obtain an endorsement for grade range other than the one I currently hold?
This endorsement is called a Subsequent Endorsement in a Focused Program. USF’s College of Education is approved to entitle candidates who already hold a PEL – Professional Educator License – and want to be entitled to teach at a different grade level.

Example: Elementary Educator wants to be entitled to teach in high school or in special education or Secondary Education wants to be entitled to teach in elementary or special education.

How do I obtain a Subsequent Endorsement through a Focused Program at University of St. Francis?
Schedule a meeting with the USF Licensure Officer, Maureen Hunt. She can be reached at 815-740-4297 or

In what area(s) can I earn a Subsequent Endorsement?
– Elementary Education
– Special Education
– Secondary Education (Science: Biology; Mathematics; Social Science: History; English: Language Arts)
– Visual Arts

What are the steps to get started at USF?
Individuals seeking Elementary or Secondary Focused Programs should contact Maureen Hunt, USF Licensure Officer, at 815-740-4297 or Submission of all official transcripts will be required for transcript evaluation to determine coursework that will be needed.

Individuals seeking a full grade range Special Education (LBSI) endorsement should contact Maggie Stevenson, Graduate Admissions Counselor, at 815-740-3389 or for information regarding the M.S. Teaching and Learning program with Special Education concentration.

If I have already taken core education courses, will I have to take them again?
You will need to take a minimum of nine (9) semester hours at the University of St. Francis to receive the Focused Program, Subsequent Endorsement. If the transferred Core Education courses are more than seven (7) years old, each case will be looked at individually to determine if the candidate’s experiences and previous course work will be accepted.

Will I be required to do student teaching again?
The state requires that you do a field experience, but not necessarily a student teaching field experience. The Licensure Coordinator and Deans of the College of Education will determine the necessary field experience upon review of the candidate’s teaching experiences. These field experiences are often scheduled in the summer to accommodate the candidate’s work schedule.

Are there any other tests that I need to take for the Subsequent Endorsement?
If you have never taken it, you will need to have passed the Basic Skills Test/TAP to be accepted into this program. You will need to pass a content test in your new endorsement area.

If I have additional questions about this process, who do I contact?
Contact Maureen Hunt, Licensure Officer at 815-740-4297 or