Middle Grades Education with Professional Educator License (5-8)

We believe that excellent teachers can radically change the lives of their students and that every student deserves an excellent (not just a good) teacher!


We focus on excellence and prepare teachers to excel on their first day in the classroom. Our graduates have confidence that allows them to be successful in helping students reach their fullest potential. USF has one of the best teacher education programs in the state with 100% pass rates on all required tests. This reputation for excellence sets our graduates apart and results in USF teacher candidates being highly sought for employment after graduation.

We place a high priority on real-world experience and getting students involved in actual teaching as soon as possible. After their first semester freshman year, students are able to complete a field experience in a classroom every semester. That’s a very unique feature not available in other schools.

We are Franciscan and value relationships. Our College of Education operates as a family and students are nurtured and challenged in a supportive environment. Referred to as Fraternitas, that familial environment allows students to develop the heart of a teacher. As part of that development, all education majors attend USF’s unique and inspirational Chrysalis retreat and can join active student clubs and honor societies. Even after graduation, students remain connected to the USF family.
picture of the NCATE lettermark, that states The Standard of Excellence in Teacher Preparation.