MSN Frequently Asked Questions


What is the current University of St. Francis pass rate for the certification exam?
Minimum requirement set by CCNE accreditation for first-time pass rate for FNP and PMHNP is 80%. LCON has consistently met this requirement. NUAD and NUED students are not required to sit for certification but it is recommended.

Will the University of St. Francis help me find a preceptor?
The graduate clinical coordinator collaborates with FNP students on locating potential preceptors; the PMHNP director collaborates with PMHNP student on locating potential preceptors; NUED students locate their own preceptors and obtain approval from NUED practicum course faculty (NUAD students are not required to have clinical preceptor).

Is it mandatory for me to come to campus, and if so, when?

*FNP and PMHNP student must come to the campus to attend a mandatory face-to-face orientation upon admittance (fall or spring), and the Advanced Health Assessment Workshop (NURS 622). FNP students must also attend a Primary Skills Workshop (NURS 670 or 671), and PMHNP students must attend a REBT Workshop (NURS 654).

*NUED students must come to campus twice, to attend a mandatory face-to-face orientation upon admittance (fall or spring), and the Advanced Health Assessment Workshop (NURS 622).

* NUAD students have no requirements to come to campus, although they must complete and attend a virtual orientation upon admittance (fall or spring).

What will my experiences by like when I come to campus?  Experiences are interactive.

Will I be able to work full time while completing this program?
Some students do work full time but students are encouraged to consider school/work/life balance when scheduling classes.

Can I transfer in graduate credit from another school? If so what is the process for doing so?
Determined on a case-by-case basis. Maximum is 9 credit hours. Transcripts are to be sent to Academic Advising for review.

What kind of assignments will be required for the program?
The assignments vary– they may include papers, discussions, proctored-online exams, webinars, oral presentations and skills demonstrations.

How much should I estimate for books and how much are courses?
The Financial Aid Services Office can provide an overall estimate of tuition and books.

How many clinical hours are required in the program?
600 (FNP); 501 (PMHNP); 120 (NUED), none required (NUAD) 

Can I complete my clinical hours at my place of employment.
There are a few exceptions whereby doing rotations within a student’s employer’s organization might be acceptable as follows. The employer is a large organization with many different departments, or ideally, with off-site facilities. In other words, there is sufficient “organizational distance” between the department/facility where the student works and the site where the student would be doing a clinical rotation.

What areas will I be completing my clinical hours?
Primary care setting for FNP, behavioral health settings for PMHNP and health care facilities for NUAD. Academic or clinical settings for NUED

If my GPA is below a 3.0 can I still be considered for the program?
Determined on a case-by-case basis. Undergraduate science and nursing grades should reflect at the “B” level.  A 3.0 cumulative undergraduate GPA is the graduate standard.

Do I need graduate statistics before I start the program?
No, only an undergraduate statistics course is required prior to starting

Can I do the program on a full or part time basis?
Full-time and part-time options are available.

How long will the program take me to complete?
Typically 29-36 months for MSN students.  Post-Master’s Certificate students can complete their program in 12- 18 months depending on the pre-requisites needed. Students have five years to complete the program.