R.N.-BSN Degree Completion

Please Note: Due to State Board of Nursing requirements program restrictions exist depending on your state of residence. To find out if this program is available in your area, click here to access our “Your Right to Know” page, then click “Program Availability by State” under Academics. If you have questions or need further clarification, please contact the office of admissions at 800-735-7500.


The R.N.-BSN Degree Completion Program for R.N.s with associate degrees or nursing diplomas

Today’s dynamic health care environment has created the need for nursing professionals who can apply a broad range of skills. The R.N.-BSN Degree Completion Program is an online program for nursing students at the University of St. Francis to develop a deeper understanding and a greater confidence in applying their chosen profession.

The R.N.-BSN Degree Completion Program emphasizes critical thinking and decision making. Your coursework will address current topics in nursing such as Health Policy and Infomatics and environment. To prepare you for the ongoing changes in health care, emerging areas such as home health, managed care, primary care clinics, public health and hospice care are addressed in the curriculum and clinicals along with the more traditional areas such as hospitals, long-term care and mental health. USF nursing courses use real-world experiences and scenarios to reinforce application to your workplace.

Our caring faculty is committed to fostering professionalism and a strong career network in health care. And, you can expect one-on-one advising because we are invested in your success.

With such breadth of experience and with the depth of an individualized learning plan, you will be a professional well-prepared for the future of the health care industry.


For more information on admission to the program, contact:

USF Admissions Office
500 Wilcox Street, Room N104
Joliet, IL 60435


For students currently enrolled in the program who need assistance, contact:

Jerri Wills, DNP, MSN, R.N.
R.N.-BSN Degree Completion Program Coordinator & Student Advisor