Student Success: Computer Science

Two Computer Science graduates Terrence J. (T.J.) Eakle and Christopher Bigott gave three presentations on building portals at the Portals 2008 Measurement and Assessment conference. They accompanied Tim Archer and Ben Gunnink, both also USF Computer Science graduates and now employees of the university’s Information Technology Department. Gunnink worked on the portal as an intern before he graduated. According to Archer, conference members were very impressed with the look and operation of USF’s portal system. Especially impressive is that it is done with the contributions of students!

Alumni Jim Schuller, Carl Ziech and Adam Helwich lead students in a collaborative learning adventure to investigate the uses of the Wii controller as an input device to the computer. One of the goals is to control a mouse with head movements that can be detected by the Wii controller and transferred to the computer.

Joan Nahas Ramuta Computer Science Award

Joan Nahas Ramuta Computer Science Award is presented each year to a senior in recognition of academic excellence (3.5 or above cumulative GPA); exemplary character standards; service to the department; serving as a role model to peers. The recipient receives a monetary award from the fund, established by alumna and founder of the Computer Science program at USF Joan Ramuta and Matt Ramuta in 1985. An award ceremony is held in the spring of each academic year.