Criminal & Social Justice Minor Program


Criminal and Social Justice (18 Semester hours)

Required Courses: (15 semester hours)
Introduction to the Criminal Justice System (3)
Corrections (3)
Criminology (3)
Social Justice Issues (3)
Law Enforcement and Society (3)

Elective Course (3 semester hours)
Choose one course from the following:
Criminal Law (3)
Terrorism (3)
Criminal Procedures (3)
Criminal Evidence (3)
Criminal and Social Justice Research Issues (3)
Criminal Justice and Diversity Issues (3)
White Collar Crime (3)
Topics in Criminal and Social Justice (3)
American Constitutional Law II (3)
Legal Process/Mock Trial (3)
American Public Policy (3)

Computer Crime & Security Minor (21 semester hours)

The minor program in computer crime and security is a powerful signal to potential employers that you have the skills and knowledge needed to help secure IT systems and protect individuals, organizations, and businesses from hackers and online fraudsters.

Required Courses: (15 semester hours)
COMP 200 Microcomputer Systems 3
COMP 207 Network Fundamentals 3
COMP 350 Network Security/Encryption 3
COMP 375 Computer Forensics 3
CSJU 202 Introduction to Cybercrime 3

Elective Courses: (6 semester hours)
Choose two courses from the following:
COMP 380 Ethical Hacking 3
CSJU 101 Introduction to Criminal Justice 3
CSJU 240 Criminology 3
CSJU 315 Cybercrime Ethics and Law 3
CSJU 410 White Collar Crime


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