Goals and Objectives for the individual student participating in the DARA program

USF students practiceThe USF DARA student will be a musically competent perceptive professional, with the technical knowledge to excel in todays digitally based music production industry. They will acquire the knowledge, principles and practices of engineering methodology and music production. The USF DARA student will have the proficiencies to succeed in turning their artistry into a viable and sustainable business and/or find work in the music industry. The student will have a prolific portfolio of work/projects/compositions and a resume that documents the students’ abilities that can be used in their career pursuit. The USF DARA student will be equipped for success as a music industry entrepreneur.

Put another way, DARA students will study and create in the 21st century music production architectures of using, remixing and reshaping audio loops, of MIDI composition utilizing various MIDI editors and controllers, and of traditional audio capturing, editing, mixing and mastering. They will do so using our excellent facilities which include, state of the art Digital Audio Workstations using Avids’ Protools and Ableton Live as host DAWs with a myriad of embedded plug-ins and virtual instruments, our extensive microphones selection, tracking room, booths and control room and editing suites. Once the musical masterworks have been created the value of the DARA Music Industry Entrepreneur coursework will show itself. This coursework and related internships are geared to provide opportunity to the Recording Artist, Audio Engineer and Music Industry Entrepreneur the know how, the means and the wherewithal to monetize their work and efforts, in essence having skillsets to create a small or even micro enterprise and, as restated from before, have the competency to succeed in turning their artistry into a viable and sustainable business and/or to find work in the music industry.


USF piano practicing

Graduates of the USF DARA program will be able to:

  • Define high level recordings using both technical and musical criteria
  • Understand music and sonic architectures and structures to aid in music creation and production
  • Troubleshoot and solve problems encountered by audio professionals
  • Create a small or micro enterprise as an entrepreneur and pursue the multiple streams of income upon which the music industry is built
  • Communicate, function and operate in a modern recording studio
  • Conceptualize, plan, execute and deliver high resolution sound recordings and post production projects that meet industry standards
  • Hear and comprehend the excellence, expertise and nuance in the vast diversity of styles of music that define and populate our contemporary music horizon

The appraisal of these targets goals will happen regularly through the assessment mechanisms of the coursework and through their internships and portfolio development.
Music Entrepreneurs USF

Examples of Music Entrepreneurs

Instrumentalist, Singer, Session Musician, Composer, Orchestrator, Arranger, Conductor, Studio/ Audio engineer, Mastering Engineer, Record Producer, Live Sound Engineer, Roadie / Technician / Repairman, Film/TV editor, Sound designer, Studio Owner, Independent Label Owner, Manager, Music Educators/ Instructors, Accompanist, Music Entrepreneur, Music Directors, Music Therapist, Music Publisher, Booking Agent, Music Attorney, A&R rep, Arts Manager, Music Accountant, Voice Coach, Acoustical Engineer, Disc Jockey, Music Advisor, Music Librarian, Music Promoter, Music Agent, Music Marketing Specialist, Music Author / Journalist, Music Editor, Music Photographer, Music Copyist, Music Supervisor, Music Gear Software Developer, Publicist, Social Media Manager for a music related business, Video Directors, Distributor, Music Retail Manager, Music Equipment Sales, TV/Radio Program Coordinator, Recreation Director, Instrument builders, Score Library Owner, etc.

Potential Employers

1st and foremost yourself as a Music Entrepreneur, Record Companies/Labels, Recording Studios, TV Studios, Radio Stations, Music Publishers, Film Production Companies, Gaming Industry, Bands/Groups, Symphonies, Opera, Ballet and Theatre Orchestras, Schools, Colleges and Universities, Dinner Clubs, Lounges, Music Instrument Manufactures, Music Retailers and Wholesalers, Civic and Community Centers, Armed Forces, Churches, Booking Agency, Marketing Firm.